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A unique voice

Heather uses her loop pedal to form a one-woman band; her sound full of guitar riffs, percussion and heavenly harmonies. Heather's sound is inspired by the likes of David Gray and Eva Cassidy, but with a Kasey Musgraves and Taylor-Swift-like pop country spin.


From an early age, Heather was introduced to a wide variety of music genres which inspire her song writing today.

Heather has performed in Downtown Nashville and the world-famous Cavern Club. She released her debut EP 'Interest in me' aged 17. Her original songs were then played on national radio.

Heather is now in high demand, performing weekly at weddings, concerts, local gigs and is still writing her original music.

Watch Heather perform 

Check out Heather's most recent BBC Radio Nottingham interview below:


Heather BBC Radio Nottingham Interview
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